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Choosing The Right Light Fixture
Finding The Perfect Light Fixtures For Your Home

The right light fixtures can play a big part in creating an inviting ambiance within your home and a well lit home can feel very welcoming and warm. Whether you are aiming for a romantic and dark effect or a cheery and bright one, the correct choice of light fixtures can do it all!

Determine the Type of Lighting You Require for Your Home

There are some areas of the house that require more lighting to help you in accomplishing your home tasks without difficulty, whereas, there are also certain other areas where dim lighting can work very well to give you the ambiance you need.

Before choosing the right light fixtures, you need to be aware of the particular purposes that the lights are going to fulfill for each area in your home.

Safety Lights for Home Exteriors

If you have a large property or even a small walkway leading up to your home, it should be well lit for safety measures. Selection of exterior lights needs to be made carefully as lights which are too bright will disturb your neighbors and be too costly to maintain. Motion detecting lights or flood lights can work best for home exteriors and will deter intruders from approaching your property.

Exterior Décor

All outdoor lights do not need to have a purpose. Some light are just placed to highlight your home and make it look beautiful in the dark. These lights can focus on various architectural elements of your home and be strategically placed to show off your home’s design. Wall sconces or outdoor lamps can work well for this purpose.

Using Multiple Light for Interiors

For rooms that are frequently used, like, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms; a number of light sources need to be placed so that they can facilitate your everyday work. In the kitchen; spotlights inside cabinets or hanging lights over the counter can help you in finding items and working efficiently. Within the living room, wall sconces and tall floor lamps can create a comfortable ambiance for reading or watching television. For your bathroom, find wall lights that will appropriately throw light on your face when you stand in front of the mirror. There should not be too many shadows or glaring lights within the bathroom.

Modern Décor Requires Concealed Lighting

If you have high ceilings in your home or have decorated your home with a contemporary style, use light fixtures where the light bulbs remain out of sight. Dim and concealed lights will blend well with modern furnishings and give you ambiance as well as functionality.

Night Lighting for Children

If you have small children in your home, you can install dim night lights within their rooms or provide them such light fixtures that can be adjusted with a dimmer. Night lights not only help small kids in being less scared of sleeping alone, but can also help you when you navigate through your home in the night.

Chandeliers and Ceiling Lamps for Formal Settings

For formal sitting rooms and dining areas, find the right sized and styled chandeliers to ceiling lamps that can give you the right touch of elegance and formality that you want to create for your room. Find a hanging fixture that complements your furnishings to make the room décor more cohesive.


No matter what kind of lights you want for your home, GoingLighting.com has them all! So make your selection today and install the right light fixtures within your home to get the functionality and ambiance you wish to achieve!