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Flush and Semi-Flush Lights
Find Out The Difference Between Flush & Semi-Flush Lights

Flush vs Semi-Flush Mount Lights

Realistically if you have seven foot tall ceilings in your hallways it would be highly impractical to have a pendant light or a modern chandelier.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have something attractive; you could use upwards facing sconces, and the indirect lighting would be delightfully different, but most people use a reasonably traditional ceiling fixture.


Flush-mount fixtures are in direct contact with the ceiling, and are usually only 2-3” inches deep, so even in short hallways you have reasonably good head clearance.  And as an added bonus, modern lighting has done away with the dreary Mason-Jar-looking fixtures, in favor of glass domes in antique finishes, bright brass, stainless steel, or even frosted glass with soft curves, and no visible fittings.  There is a remarkable variety.

Semi-Flush mount

If you have a bit more height you can use a semi-flush mount, which hangs a couple of inches below the ceiling, allowing the light to bounce off of it and thus be more diffuse.  Sometimes people even choose to go with completely opaque shades so the light is entirely indirect, making it glare-less and much easier on the eyes.


These types of mounted lights are also useful in bedrooms (and clothes closets, especially the walk-in type), since they tend to hug the ceiling and generally stay out of the way.  For the same reason these are well suited for use as bathroom lights since they also resist penetration by moist, steamy air.


Of course, if you’re going to use traditional incandescent light bulbs they do generate a lot of heat, so a semi-flush fixture might be more appropriate.  The downside is that any source of light will attract insects if they are present.  Open fixtures like semi-flush, will probably gather a few dead bugs, and a little bit of dust, requiring periodic cleaning.  The upside is that it’s a lot easier to change the light bulb in a semi-flush than a flush mount.

Of course both of these styles of mounted lights are reasonably popular in industrial or commercial applications.  They’re comparatively inexpensive and come in attractive designs.  They can suit just about any décor.

Remember, a lack of space doesn’t mean a lack of style.  Come and have a look at our selection!