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Make Your Bedroom Shine With These Lighting Tips
The Best Ways To Brighten Up Your Room

Lighting is important in every room of your home, but few rooms require more versatility than your bedroom. Sometimes, you'll want a fully lit room, like when you're cleaning up or just hanging out; other times, you'll want dim lighting to read a book before bed or set the mood. And of course, selecting the right fixtures to go with the overall design of your bedroom is essential as well. These tips from Going Lighting will help you choose the lighting you need with confidence, from our wide selection of bedroom-specific options.

Brighten Up Your Bedroom 

Overhead lights and ceiling fixtures are great for illuminating an entire bedroom. This is indispensable when you're tidying up, folding laundry, or just hanging out in your room. For a bright light shining from above, look no further than solutions like the Quoizel Lighting Trilogy Semi-Flush Mount, or the Kichler Semi-Flush 4 Light. These powerful ceiling-mounted fixtures can immediately brighten the entire room, providing a lively environment and great visibility with the flip of a switch.

Options like the Kichler Fixed Rail 3 Light Halogen empower you to direct the light where you will, highlighting specific areas of the room or pieces of furniture. Not only do fixtures like this keep your room awash in light, but they ensure that no matter where you need high visibility, you'll be able to adjust your lights to achieve it. Using these in conjunction with your design scheme is also a great way to accentuate your favorite bedroom features and really make them stand out.

Dim The Lights

High levels of brightness are all well and good, but the bedroom is also a toned down place, where setting a laid-back ambiance is often appreciated. For these moments, table lamps and wall sconces get the job done nicely, allowing you to create a warm, relaxed environment, rather than a bright, lively one.

Wall sconces like this one from Kichler excel at exuding just a modest amount of light in a controlled area, keeping the center of the room darker than the periphery. These particularly come in handy when trying to establish an intimate or relaxing environment. Your bedroom is more than just a sleeping place, and wall sconces improve your ability to moderate between lights on and lights off.

Likewise, table lamps often come in handy atop nightstands, whether you're reading a page-turner before bed or you find you need a bit of light upon waking up. Lamps like this one from Quoizel Lighting are great for illuminating a corner of the room without overwhelming the senses. Or, if you prefer, floor lamps can have a similar effect, like this Quoizel Lighting Belle Fleur Tiffany. It's all a matter of preference and what goes best with your current design scheme; luckily, Going Lighting has options for every taste.

A Wide Selection At The Price You Need

Whether you're going for a supremely well-lit environment, relaxing sanctuary, or the best of both worlds, Going Lighting has a selection to meet your needs regardless of your budget. Mix and match choices from our massive selection to mesh with your bedroom décor