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Bathroom Vanity Lighting
Pick The Best Fixture For Your Bathroom

Let’s face it: when it comes to grooming and pampering ourselves with all the careful attention most of us spend in order to look our best, we need not only good mirrors -- we need good lighting too!  And since the bathroom is the place where many of these precision tasks take place, it’s essential we get ample bathroom vanity lighting.

If you’re getting ready to revamp your bathroom, take a moment to consider what kind of lighting you need for your daily activities. Here are some facts and tips that can help you design the perfect bathroom of your dreams.

Types of Bathroom Vanity Lights

Today there are two popular choices for bathroom vanity lights: vanity light bars and bathroom wall fixtures. Both of these are great for reducing shadows and saving space in what can be one of the smaller rooms in your home. Let’s consider the unique benefits of each:

  1. Vanity Light Bars

This style reduces shadows significantly and so is the top choice for spaces where people shave or apply make-up. They come in a variety of designs and with options for light direction, so that light can come up or down or multi-directionally. Typically, they are mounted directly above your mirror or to either side of it to give the perfect overall lighting effect.

  1. Bathroom Wall Fixtures

This style includes sconces and brackets, so bathroom wall lights are especially effective for complementing any overhead lighting you may already have. They can be installed right next to mirrors in order to further reduce shadows, but sometime are used throughout the bathroom to add a decorative accent.

Vanity Light Placement

When installing vanity lighting, your aim is to eliminate the appearance of shadows under your eyes, cheeks, and chin.  Often, the ideal placement for lighting in your bathroom depends on the size and placement of your mirror.  If the mirror is large, it’s probably best to place the lights directly to either side.  If it’s a smaller mirror, you may want to keep them on the sides about 36 – 40 inches apart.

Wherever you place the lighting in your bathroom, the height ought to be so that the center of each bulb matches your eye level. If you’ll be sharing your bathroom with someone of a dramatically different height, you may want to consider multiple fixtures to accommodate each of your height requirements.

Types of Lightbulbs

Today’s options for lightbulbs for bathroom vanity lighting span the spectrum of home lighting choices: halogen, incandescent, compact fluorescent, LED, even xenon and krypton! Most design experts believe a crisp white color works best in your bathroom for its superior way of accurately rendering skin tones. Halogen lighting is considered the gold-standard in bathroom lighting for this reason. However, in recent years LED lighting has been growing in popularity as an eco-friendly, energy saving alternative.

But maybe you want to create a relaxed spa mood for your bathroom.  If so, ambient lighting may be your preferred choice. Or consider dimmers, which will not only help you conserve energy, but can offer a range of lighting to fit different uses and preferences.

Designer Brands and Styles

One thing’s for sure, whatever your unique style and décor, you’re sure to find vanity lighting that can complement and accent your tastes.  At Going Lighting, we carry bathroom vanity lighting by some of the world’s top designers and manufacturers, including NuVo Lighting, Toltec, Quoizel, Savoy House, Z-Lite, Sonneman, Kichler, Livex, Kalco, and many more.

From Contemporary to Classic, Industrial to Vintage, Retro to Transitional, there’s something for every style and budget.  Check us out