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How to Choose the Right Vanity for Your Bathroom
Which Vanity Best Fits Your Design & Space?

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom (or maybe even designing a brand-new one!), one of the most important considerations will be the vanity you select. Many homeowners make a quick decision only to, unfortunately, find out on installation day that their new vanity isn’t actually a good fit with their bathroom.

In order to help you avoid any unpleasant installation hassles, here’s a guide to help you choose a vanity that will be perfect for your bathroom:

First, Determine the Location and Size

The location and placement of your bathroom plumbing will be your main guide in determining just where your new vanity should go and how large it can be.

To determine the ideal size, you need to take into consideration three dimensions: height, depth and width.

The height of your vanity should make the sink and faucet easily accessible for the intended users. If your vanity will include storage, think about how much vertical space you would prefer.  Don’t forget to factor in the height of the faucet as compared to any mirrors or medicine cabinets you also plan to install.

The depth should leave enough space so that you can easily walk past your vanity and access the door, toilet, and any other bathroom furniture without bumping into it.

Similarly, the width should allow for any nearby doors or other built-ins to be able to open properly.

How Will You Mount Your Vanity?

There are three common mounting options for bathroom vanities:

  1. Wall Mount – offers a modern and streamlined style, especially good if you don’t need extra storage
  2. Freestanding – the most common option, available in a variety of style
  3. Corner Mount – perfect to maximize a tight space

One Sink or Two?

The maximum width of your new vanity will determine how many sinks you can have.

Generally, if you want to comfortably accommodate two sinks, your vanity should be at least 48 inches wide, but sometimes it is possible in slightly smaller sizes.  Don’t forget to factor in your desired amount of counter space, as adding a sink will leave you less room for the counter.

What Type of Sink?

Most bathroom vanities come with sinks that fall into one of four common categories:

  1. Vessel – fits on top of the counter, appearing like a bowl
  2. Undermount – placed underneath the counter for a seamless countertop
  3. Drop-In – mounted so that the edge of the sink rests on the counter but the basin itself is inset
  4. Integrated – the sink is built into the countertop to form one singular, continuous piece.

Choose Your Vanity Style

Today’s vanities come in a variety of designs featuring a wide array of colors, finishes, and materials.

Some homeowners have an overall design already in mind for their bathroom and then find a vanity to match.  It’s also possible to start with a vanity you love and use it as an inspiration and focal point for the rest of your bathroom design.

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