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5 Tips for Choosing Vanity Lights for Your Bathroom
Brighten Up Your Bathroom With These Tips!

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Bathrooms need ample amounts of lighting.  They’re the place we go to shave, apply make-up, and perform all the other necessary precision grooming that gets us ready to face the world. So, we need to make sure we can see what we’re doing!

Ideally, a bathroom should have both general lighting and task lighting. This is why vanity lights are the most popular choice for bathroom lights. Even though ceiling flush mounted lights can be used for general lighting, vanity lights can provide both general and task lighting, making them the number one choice for homeowners.

If you’re looking to buy the best vanity lights for your bathroom, here are 5 tips to help you choose:

1. Choose the Type of Vanity Lights You Prefer.

Vanity lights come in three standard types: Bath Bars, Vanity Strip Lighting, and Bathroom Sconces.

  1. Bath Bar is a single bar light designed to be hung over or alongside a mirror.
  2. Vanity Strip Lighting contains multiple light bulbs (often 2 -8 bulbs per strip) and is designed to be installed above a mirror.
  3. Bathroom Sconce is a single light fixture installed on either side of a mirror.

2. Choose Your Lighting Direction.

Vanity lights can be installed facing either upwards or downwards – or choose ambient lighting to fill your space.

  1. An uplight provides soft lighting that can illuminate an entire room.
  2. downlight is better-suited for task lighting to help when you need to see the fine details of your face or hair.
  3. Ambient lighting provides light in all directions, offering a more balanced effect for your bathroom.

3. Choose the Size of Your Vanity Lights.

The size of your vanity lights can make or break your room. If you’re positioning your light above the mirror, your light fixture should be at least one-third the width of your mirror but should not exceed its overall width. For a double sink vanity, you’ll probably want to mount two light fixtures, one above each sink.

If you choose to place your lights alongside the mirror, the optimal size is at least 28” apart and centered between 60” and 72” above the floor.

4. Choose Your Light Bulbs.

Let’s not forget about the light bulbs! Color temperature, wattage, and lumens are each an important factor in the quality of your light.

If you’re looking to save money over the long term, consider LED or CFL bulbs, which generally have a lower wattage but offer the same lighting as higher wattage incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs are more expensive to run, but they do often last a long time and offer a crisp white look that is popular for bathroom lighting.

5. Make Sure Your Lighting Fixture is Damp Rated!

Don’t forget that your bathroom is a space where moisture will collect, so you need to be sure that the lighting fixture you choose is damp rated.  If you will be installing the light directly above a tub or shower, make sure it is wet rated.

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