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5 Tips for Decorating with a Modern Chandelier
Improve your design with these tips

Even if you’ve had lots of experience decorating, it can be tricky to choose a modern chandelier for your home.  There’s such a dizzying array of modern chandelier options available, it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed. Not only are there so many choices, you also need to figure out how best to coordinate a new chandelier with your space. 

If you’re wondering how to choose the best modern chandelier for your home, here are 5 tips to help:


1. Take Your Time Browsing

If you’re looking to buy a modern chandelier, give yourself time to browse all the options out there. Don’t feel that you ought to be making a decision right away. There are so many different styles of modern chandeliers, you should give yourself time to see the range of choices available before you commit to one. 

You can start by reading articles about popular styles of modern chandeliers. Also, check out a variety of websites with modern chandeliers for sale.  You may even want visit local retailers. Even if you ultimately choose to buy online (which many homeowners do, as there are more choices available), looking at some chandeliers in person can help you figure out your own preferences. 


2. Figure Out What Size Chandelier You Need

When it comes to choosing the right size chandelier, proportion is everything.

A chandelier that’s too big for your space can ultimately feel overwhelming.  A chandelier that’s too small can get lost.

To find the right size, try this formula: Add together the dimensions of the length and width of your room (measured in feet). Use this number as an approximation for the diameter of your new chandelier (measured in inches).  So, if your room is 16 ft. by 10 ft., your new chandelier should have a diameter that is approximately 26in.

3. Try an Unexpected Placement

One of the joys of modern chandeliers is that they can break the traditional rules.

So, think outside the box when it comes to the placement of your new chandelier.  Instead of hanging it in a traditional location, like a foyer or dining room, try an unexpected area, like a laundry room or small home office. 

The right modern chandelier can add a touch of elegance and class to any frequently used area of your home. 


4. Choose Your Chandelier Materials

Traditionally, chandeliers are made of crystals.  But today’s modern chandeliers are constructed out of a wide variety of materials.

For example, if you like natural materials, consider a chandelier made of wood.  If you prefer an industrial chic style, try a metallic chandelier with unusually shaped bulbs.  If you want to bring more color to your space, consider a chandelier with stained glass shades.

A good tip is to coordinate the materials of your new chandelier with the rest of your room design. Usually this means staying in line with the color palette and overall style already established in the room. However, if your new chandelier can also include an accent color or accent element, it will help your chandelier stand out.


5. Make Sure the Chandelier Will be the Focal Point

Wherever you choose to place your chandelier, make sure it won’t be competing for attention.

A chandelier is meant to be the focal point of a room. So, you want to make sure it won’t be surrounded by large “loud” furniture or other items of décor that also scream for attention.  Let your new modern chandelier be the star of the space and allow it to shine.

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