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How to Light Your Master Bedroom
Setting The Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting 

If you’re looking to choose the best lighting fixtures for your master bedroom, it’s important to have a lighting plan.  Master bedrooms today are more than just a place to sleep – typically these suites now include closets, sitting areas, and often a luxurious bathroom.  You will need to consider the needs and design of each of these areas in order to effectively light the entire room.

In order to help you plan the perfect lighting system for your master bedroom, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure there is plenty of ambient light.

Ambient light is the general or overall lighting you have for your master bedroom.

Many homeowners choose hanging lights or overhead flush-mounted lighting to fill their master bedrooms with light. A beautiful chandelier or pendant light can bring a touch of elegance to your space while also providing ample illumination. 

If your room has crown molding or a tray ceiling, you may want to consider cove lighting, which consists of lighting tubes installed high up in the walls or in the ceiling.  This type of light fixture can produce a lighting effect similar to natural light.  Recessed lighting can also provide a similar effect.

Ideally, your master bedroom features plenty of windows or even a skylight to offer you the benefits of sunlight.  Just make sure you have plenty of lighting options for cloudy days and dark nights. 

2. Consider any task lighting needs.

Task lighting provides bright, direct lighting over areas where you will perform high-precision tasks. 

Do you have a desk or reading area that needs extra illumination?  Maybe there’s space near a mirror where you need to coordinate your look every morning, paying close attention to color and details? Perhaps your master bathroom features a vanity that requires extra lighting?  

An extra table lamp or floor lamp can often provide the additional illumination you need in a specified area.  You might also want to consider a hanging light or wall light, especially if you need the extra table or floor space.


Bedroom Lighting


3. Choose stylish accent lighting for visual appeal.

Accent lights can improve the visual aesthetics of your master bedroom and help create a range of moods. 

Maybe you want to add some lamps with colored glass shades to provide a warm, intimate glow in the evenings? Or, maybe you have a prized artwork or artifact hanging on your bedroom wall that ought to be highlighted? 

Accent lighting can help you personalize your master bedroom and turn it into a more beautiful, inviting space.

4. Don’t forget the finishing touches.

Lastly, don’t forget about the lighting accessories that serve as the perfect finishing touch to your lighting needs.

For example, a dimmer switch is often useful in a master bedroom so you can easily control and quickly change the amount of light in your room.  You may want to install three-way light switches so you can control one single light (typically your main overhead fixture) from two separate switches, one near the bedroom entrance and one right next to the bed.  It is also possible to find lighting fixtures that come with remote controls.

Another useful lighting accessory is a ceiling fan. When you need extra climate control during the middle of the night, a ceiling fan can be just what you need.


For more lighting ideas and inspiration for your master bedroom, check out Going Lighting’s wide-ranging collection!


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