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Maxim Lighting (1,416)
Width Range
Color / Finish
Finish Type
Light Direction
Number of Tiers
Number of Bulbs
Bulb Type
Height Range
Suggested Room Type
Series / Collection
 Avenue LED
 Balboa Dc
 Balboa Vx Ee
 Basix Ee
 Beam Ee
 Bejewel LED
 Bel Air
 Bound Glass
 Builder Basics
 Calistoga Ee
 Calistoga Led
 Cambria Dc
 Carriage House Ee
 Carriage House Led
 Casa Grande EE
 Castille Ee
 Ceiling Wrap
 Classic Ee
 Coldwater Ee
 Countermax Mxinterlink2
 Countermax Mxinterlink3
 Countermax Mxinterlink6
 Countermax Mx-l120
 CounterMax MX-L-120-1K
 CounterMax MX-L-120-2K
 CounterMax MX-L-120-3K Basic
 Countermax Mx-l120dc
 Countermax Mx-l120-dl
 Countermax Mx-l120-el
 CounterMax MX-L120-LO
 CounterMax MX-L-120-SL
 CounterMax MX-L-24-SS
 CounterMax MX-LD-AC
 Countermax Mx-ld-d
 Countermax Mx-ld-kit
 Countermax Mx-ld-r
 Countermax Mx-l-lpc
 Countermax Mx-lmc
 Countermax Mx-x12
 Countermax Mx-x120
 Countermax Mx-x120c
 Countermax Mx-x12-lx
 Curl LED
 Diverse Led
 Dover Ee
 Dover Led
 Equinox Led
 Essentials - 445x
 Essentials - 584x
 Essentials - 588x
 Essentials - 712x
 Essentials - 713x
 Essentials - 714x
 Essentials - 9106x
 Essentials Ee
 Eternity Led
 Fifth Avenue
 Flush Mount Ee
 Foothills Forge
 Garden Vx
 Holmby Hills
 Illuminaire Led
 Illuminare Led
 Kinetic LED
 Knob Hill Ee
 Knob Hill Led
 Knoxville Ee
 Knoxville Led
 La Scalla
 Lightray Led
 Linda Ee
 Linear Ee
 Linear Led
 Low Profile Ee
 Low Profile Plus Ee
 Madrona Ee
 Madrona Led
 Meteor Led
 Midtown Led
 Mini Hi-bay
 Mini Pendants
 Mode Led
 Montecito Vx
 Moon Ray
 Mosaic Collection
 Nantucket Ee
 Nebula Led
 New Age Led
 New School
 No Family
 Oak Harbor
 Olde World
 Pendant Separator Kit
 Picazzo Led
 Pinnacle Led
 Polar LED
 Profile Ee
 Radcliffe Ee
 Rembrant Led
 Rim Ee
 Salon LED
 Side Door Ee
 Sienna Ee
 Sienna Led
 Silhouette LED
 Sky Panel
 South Bend
 Spec Vanity
 Splendor LED
 Taurus Led
 Triumph LED
 Tubular LED
 Urban Nights
 Utility Ee
 Vanity LED
 Via Roma
 Villa LED
 Wafer LED
 Wall Pak
 Westport DC
 Westport DC EE
 Westport Vx Ee
 Whisper Dark Sky LED
 Whittier Vx
 Zenith Ee
Special Features
Chandelier Type
Pendant Size
Pendant Type
Color Temperature
Price Range