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Sonneman (14)
Color / Finish
Finish Type
Light Direction
Number of Tiers
Number of Bulbs
Bulb Type
Height Range
Suggested Room Type
Series / Collection
 Abstract Panels
 Abstract Rhythms
 Angled Plane
 Bath Notes
 Bauhaus Columns™
 Bauhaus Revisited
 Box Column
 Candle Plus
 Candle Plus LED
 Center Eclipse
 Champagne Bubbles
 Champagne Wands
 Chromaglo Spectrum
 Chromaglo™ Spectrum
 Coral Surface™
 Corner Eclipse
 Corona Square
 Corso Linear
 Corso Rhythm
 Crystal Rods™
 Curved Shield
 Dazzle Slim
 Double Arc
 Double Corona™
 Flat Box™
 Gallery Matrix
 Glass Glow²
 Glass Pendants
 High Line
 Infinity Reflections
 Jazz Notes
 Light Chimes
 Light Frames
 Light Frames™
 Light Guide Ring
 Link LED
 Little Cloud™
 Malibu Discs™
 Mercer Street
 Mezza Cupola™
 Mezza Vetro™
 Micro Cone
 Micro Tube
 New Edge™
 Offset Panels™
 Panel Wedge
 Perch Pharmacy
 Piccolo Encore™
 Puck Slim LED
 Purolinear 360™
 Radiant Lines™
 Ring Shade
 Round Column™
 Scudo LED
 Solid Glass Bar
 Split Disc
 Square Column™
 Square Curve™
 Square Ring
 Stiletto Lungo
 Stix Plus
 Stix Rectangle
 Stix Square
 Suspended Glass
 Suspended Glass Slim LED
 Thick Thin
 Triform Compact
 Tubo Slim
 Urban Edge™
 Wave Bar™
 Wave Shade
 Wedge LED
 Zig Zag
Special Features
Pendant Size
Pendant Type
Width Range
Color Temperature
Price Range
Special Offers